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Do you have access to properties not listed with estate agents?

Yes, occassionally we get properties offered that are not listed on the open market. These properties are offered directly to us, through private individuals, developpers and property investors. These properties are available to our clients.

We cannot read your E-Brochures on your website?

You have to click on the E-Brochure tab in the menu which will takes about one minute to upload. As soon as the brochure is visable on your screen, you can flick through the pages holding your mouse button at the page bottom corner and flip the page just like a hard copy brochure. In order to read the brochure press the button 1:1 at the top of your screen, this will enlarge the brochure, you can than drag the little hand appearing on your screen over the page you wish to read. 

You found our property to buy or to rent but our offer has been rejected. What next?

We will negotiate on your behalf. Your agent will try to secure a property at a realistic price. If an offer gets rejected, you either decide to place a counter offer or we will simply find you another property. 

You found our property to buy and our offer has been accepted.  What next?

We will supervise the conveyance process and try to secure your property as soon as you require. When you are comfortable to exchange contracts, we will ask your chosen solicitor to conclude the exchange.

We decide to cancel our purchase/rental search through you. What next?

Assen Residential has a 14-day cooling off period. If we have no properties viewed on your behalf in the 14 day period from instruction, advances paid will be refunded in full. In case properties have been pre-viewed and we have reported back to you, Assen Residential is entitled to £75.00 +VAT per visited property.

I am a student and I want to rent a property using your rental service what should I do next?

you should click on the registration tab as this will guide you to and through the student registration process enabling us to the review your criteria and get in touch with you.


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